Compassionate Care Fund

During the holidays, join us in supporting patient needs beyond the bedside.

Created in 2016 thanks to the generous support of grateful patient family, Bryna & Fred Berman, in gratitude for outstanding care given to their daughter, Blair after she was injured in the 2015 AMTRAK derailment in Port Richmond.

Along the way, the family developed a special bond with all those at Einstein Philadelphia and MossRehab involved in her care. Einstein took care of Blair and her family. This left them overwhelmed with gratitude and inspired to help other Einstein patients.

From this, the Compassionate Care Fund was born. Now, Einstein staff have a resource to help their patients with necessities to make a hospital stay easier and to provide supports which might be needed to transition home.

Support the Compassionate Care Fund

Compassionate Care Fund Request Form (for Einstein staff use only)