1 in 2 of Jews are at risk of being a carrier for preventable Jewish genetic disease. 

The mission of the Prevention of Jewish Genetic Diseases program (formerly known as the Einstein Victor Center) is to prevent life-threatening genetic diseases through preconception genetic screening, education, and counseling of individuals and couples with Jewish ancestry. The aim of our advocacy, partnerships and outreach is to expand access to services, to promote screening and counseling as standard practice among healthcare providers, and to educate adults of childbearing age.

Why support the Prevention of Jewish Genetic Diseases program

Supporting the Prevention of Jewish Genetic Diseases program’s efforts enable us to prevent Jewish genetic diseases and enable carriers to have their own healthy children by:

  • Educating young adults about the importance of screening for Jewish genetic diseases.
  • Advocating for affordable and accessible counseling and screening.
  • Partnering with healthcare providers to encourage patients to be screened.