Lacey and Aidan Berk are the fourth generation of Berk Family members to carry on the family tradition

First impressions mean a lot in any business. At Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, it is the soaring Atrium Lobby that first impresses all those who come through the doors seeking care.

The gateway to advanced and responsive care that is the trademark of Einstein, the beauty of the atrium and its overlooking balcony is representative of how Einstein worked to create a facility blending a long and distinguished history with high-quality, leading-edge medicine. It is representative of how Einstein worked to bring the very best to the residents of central Montgomery County.

Einstein has a rich history of multi-generational families who have contributed to its past successes and continue to play a prominent role in its vision for the future. The Berk family is no exception.

Families, like the Berks, are the strong foundation on which Einstein has built its healthcare tradition. Steven Berk currently serves as Chairperson of the Board of Trustees for Einstein Healthcare Network, continuing his more than 40-year involvement with Einstein that began with Belmont Behavioral Health. Steve’s grandfather was one of the original founders of Belmont, and his parents, Gabriel and Phyllis, nurtured that commitment.

Steve’s children, Lacey, 15, and Aidan, 13 are now the keepers of the family legacy and they are taking their responsibilities very seriously. Both spent a lot of time with Steve, on site, during construction of Einstein Montgomery.

“We would spend many weekends driving out to the site to check on construction progress,” recalls Steve. “Both Lacey and Aidan would wear hard hats and walk the site with me. Watching the building rise from the ground up will forever be part of their childhood memories.”

Aidan further demonstrated the Berk Family commitment by choosing to raise money in support of Einstein Montgomery’s Walk Through the Park as his Bar Mitzvah project. Walk Through the Park funds benefit the Cancer Program at Einstein Montgomery and Aidan worked to involve family and friends in this fundraising effort continuing the family tradition of giving support to others in need.

“It was really a great experience working on the Walk Through the Park,” recalls Aidan. “It made me and my friends feel really good to know that we were raising money to support Einstein Montgomery and its patients.”

All this involvement has led to a fitting tribute. Through Steve’s generosity, the balcony on the first floor of Einstein Montgomery was recently named as the Berk Family Balcony in honor of both Lacey and Aidan.

“The balcony is beautiful,” observes Lacey. “You can sit there and lookout the windows at the beautiful scenery. It is calming and inspiring.”

She goes on to explain, “I am so grateful to my dad for passing on such a wonderful family tradition. I hope to always be involved with Einstein. I can’t imagine a better way to give back to the community.”

“Steve, Lacey and Aidan, are all part of our past, they have helped shape our present,” says Barry R.Freedman, President and CEO of Einstein Healthcare Network. “We know we can continue to count on their involvement, guidance and support as Einstein grows to meet the ever-changing healthcare needs of our communities.”

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