The Tornetta name is well-known across Montgomery County as leaders in business and tireless community supporters. Their philanthropic efforts have touched many across the county, but nowhere is their generosity more apparent than at Einstein Montgomery.

The family has long been involved with the hospital, so it was no surprise when they came forward to ask how they could support staff facing the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking to provide direct staff support with a meaningful and immediate impact, the Tornetta Family chose to support expansion of Einstein Montgomery’s Renewal Program and help promote employee self-care.

The Meditation Room (opened Spring 2020) is a quiet and relaxing space for staff to decompress and step away from the stress of their work area. But, sometimes it is not always possible to leave a unit. Now, thanks to the generosity of the Tornetta Family the Renewal Program has expanded to include renewal carts which bring stress-relieving distractions right to staff on their unit.

The brand-new renewal carts debuted in mid-January and are a huge hit! With a focus on providing activities to allow staff to engage in stress awareness, mindfulness, and enhanced resilience, the carts provide access to the tools needed to decompress and just relax. Filled with meditation tapes, adult coloring books, squishy stress balls, aromatherapy, health snacks, and other fun items these carts are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to recharging and renewing.

Thank you to the Tornetta Family for always putting the needs of our patients and staff first!